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VULNERABLE FARMERS IN KARENE DISTRICT BENEFIT FROM VOLUNTARY COMPLIMENTARY EXTENSION SERVICES FROM A NJALA GRADUAND, SAMU, MOHAMED Yes! The government & its partners are working hard to redeem Sierra Leone from serious hunger and poverty by providing basic necessities that will scale up production and productivity. From observations, considering government’s commitments bothered by weak economic … Read moreVULNERABLE FARMERS IN KARENE DISTRICT

Knowledge management and open innovation in agri-food crowdfunding

This research assesses the importance of knowledge management capabilities for successful open innovation in crowdfunding for agri-food businesses. In particular, it emerged that IT-based knowledge exploitation capabilities are enablers of open innovation strategies. Additionally, it emerged that knowledge exploration capabilities can positively mediate the relationship between IT-based knowledge exploitation capabilities and open innovation in the … Read moreKnowledge management and open innovation in agri-food crowdfunding

How Crowdfunding Influences Innovation

For technology entrepreneurs, crowdfunding platforms can be appealing as a possible source of funding for product development. But crowdfunding backers are also important for the feedback, ideas, and word of mouth they can provide. Read More-MIT Sloan Management

Crowdfunding, a new agricultural investment model driven by young entrepreneurs

Faced with the lack of available finance for agricultural businesses from traditional banks, innovative entrepreneurs are turning to digital technology to access investment from the general public. Crowdfunding platforms have many advantages, but also entail some risks if there is to be trouble-free development of this alternative source of finance. Africa is home to 61% … Read moreCrowdfunding, a new agricultural investment model driven by young entrepreneurs

Why Crowdfunding

To meet the demand for food, fuel, and other agricultural products, scientists estimate that we’ll need to double—perhaps even triple—production by the year 2050 . Sierra Leone imports most of its food requirements.  This needs to change. About 65 % of the population are estimated to live in rural areas. Sierra Leone’s land area amounts … Read moreWhy Crowdfunding

Agriculture and Young People

Agriculture (including forestry and fisheries) is the mainstay of the Sierra Leonean economy employing over 60 percent of the labor force mostly at the subsistence level. The agricultural sector is constrained by several factors including lack of improved inputs, labor shortages, and post-harvest losses. Land degradation and deforestation have resulted in declining soil fertility, which … Read moreAgriculture and Young People