Project 2000 Agtech

What is the Problem?
There are a large number of web-based Portals and applications but, due to sever limited penetration 0f the internet in the villages, most farmers cannot benefit from web access as the outreach through Government Offices, Common services Centres, and Internet kiosks are limited as far as web-enabled services are concerned. Most farmers find it difficult to access the right farm inputs, buyers are not fair with them because a majority of smallholder farmers do not know the market price of their products, and without knowing your weather forecast during planting season the tendency for low yield during harvest will be high because farmers do not have proper weather forecast.
Why it is important for you to solve this problem?
As part of our company mission to use emerging technologies to undertake our company activities and developing low technologies for farmers to solve their pains developing this type of technology will greatly improve farmers, government organizations in agriculture, and its allied sectors to give information/advisories/services to farmers by SMS in their language, preference of agricultural practices and locations. With our Live Messages Portals and Web-Based service, we offer specific and crop-specific agriculture-related information to farmers on mobile phones.