What is the Problem?

The challenge is the low production of eggs in Sierra Leone.  According to 2019 survey conducted by Sierra Leone opportunity business action (SOBA), that 75% eggs consumed in Sierra Leone are imported and 168 million eggs in a year worth $30 to$ 40 million annually on importation of eggs and frozen chicken.

Why it is important for you to solve this problem?

Solving this problem will increase egg production in Sierra Leone and to some extent reduce the importation of egg and frozen chicken.  

Incubators can hatch more eggs at a time and more reliable than the hen. If you let the hen hatch eggs then she will stop laying eggs for the time that she sits on the eggs and rear her offspring, this means that you are losing many potential chicks that you could’ve hatched in the incubator.

A hen can hatch about 20 to 30 chicks per year, while If you use the same hen to lay eggs and hatch in our incubator, you can get up to 300 chicks per year from the same hen! That’s a 1000% increase in efficiency.