Depends on when you have raised the funds.  However, our optimal duration is 3 months.

you can cancel your pledge; but if you have already transferred your money, return of your funds will be subjected to bank charges.

I addition to good idea and how you present it well. Share your crowdfunding page link with your acquaintances and those who you think can support goal.

We don’t allow multiple projects to run simultaneously, or to start a second project before fulfilling your first one.

You will receive any funds pledge on your project regardless of whether you reach your target or not.

Once your pledge to a project has been completed, you will immediately receive a receipt.

No. However, you can send us an email if you want to make an anonymous pledge.

MonitoFarm will deduct a 5% standard fee from the funds raised through a Campaign on the MonitoFarm Site. Transaction Fees Ecobank MFI Fees Ecobank MFI will deduct credit/debit card and banking fees from funds paid to a Campaign Creator at their published rate.

If however, you wish to withdraw funds prior to the campaigns end date, you may lodge a request with MonitoFarm. If approved, a 9% service fee will be charged.

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